SPA Resorts of YAMADA hot spring.

THE YAMADA-ONSEN is like Machu Picchu. it started at 240 years ago.
Shinshu - Takayama Hot Spring Village located 875 meters above sea level.
at north-east of Nagano Prefecture in central Japan.

It is surrounded by mountains and Matsukawa Valley, which is 25 kilometers northwest of Nagano station and
through which the Matsukawa River flows.

It is in the central village, has a number of therapeutic hot springs for your comfort.

 - Springs -
FIVE Cherry Blossams verry famous in Japane.

- Summer -
Matsukawa Valley has numerous breathtaking waterfalls shaped by the different seasons of the year.

- Autumn -
You can feel it in the air.


- Winter -
YAMABOKU Wild Snow Park
13km's backcountry SKI tour.

・Transparent:Yamada Hot Spring/Shinshu - Takayama Hot Spring Village is located north-east of Nagano Prefecture in central Japan. It is surrounded by mountains and Matsukawa Valley, which is in the central village, has a number of therapeutic hot springs for your comfort.
・Iron brown:Koyasu Hot Spring/Named for its proximity to the Koyasu Shrine, this hot spring features reddish brown hot spring water.
・Milky white/Shichimi Hot Spring/The highest hot spring in the Matsukawa Valley offers the highest quality spring water drawing from 7 upstream sources.

  • Yataki Waterfall
  • Kaminaridaki Waterfall
  • Shichimiootaki Waterfall

Yataki Waterfall

Famous for its powerful 180meter drop into 8 separate pools, giving the impression of a classical landscape painting.

Kaminaridaki Waterfall

Known as a "back-view" waterfall, you can view this 30 meter waterfall from behind the falls! At 30 meters, it's truly breathtaking.

Shichimiootaki Waterfall

3 After passing through the mountain road, you will be moved as you watch this majestic waterfall before your eyes. This striking waterfall splits into 3 falls that appear like layers of a fine silk scarf.

One of the famous wine growing countries in the world, TAKAYAMA villege of NAGANO pref offers a variety of variety wines made from a vast array of grapes in multiple styles.Takayama village with Yamada Onsen is an excellent location condition suitable for vine cultivation on the south slope with an altitude difference of 400 m. When most people think of NAGANO pref wines, two or three regions probably come to mind; however, It has become a vintage wine far exceeding expectations.


Mizunaka's Cherry Blossoms

Age of tree: 250 years Height: 22 meters.

When in full bloom, the blossoms seem like a waterfall of light scarlet.

Kurobe's Edohigan Cherry Blossoms

Age of tree: more than 500 years Height: 13 meters.

There are two major trunks to this tree. One is at a 90 degree angle from the ground and the other extends horizontally.

Nakashio's Cherry Blossoms

Age of tree: more than 150 years Height: 10 meters.

The tree branches slope inwards towards the trunk. The color of the flowers is deep red and the shape of the tree is elegant.

Akawakannon's Cherry Blossoms

Age of tree: more than 200 years Height: 15 meters.

The color of the Akawakannon weeping cherry blossoms is deep red.

Tsuboi's Cheery Blossoms

Age of tree: more than 600 years Height: 10 meters.

It is said that the oldest tree in this region is over 600 years.

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